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Frequently Asked Questions

Yellow ball of yarn with knitting needles

How do you know if your yarns are vegan?

We do extensive research on all of our yarns and suppliers. We contact suppliers, in some cases we even visit them. We always confirm in writing that the fibres, as well as the dyes, are fully vegan. We check their certificates and collect written statements.

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How do you know if the knitting needles etc are sustainable and vegan?

Just like with our yarns, we do extensive research on all of our tools and accessories. We contact suppliers and we always confirm in writing that the fibres, as well as the dyes, are fully vegan. We always check that the brands we work with have sustainability policies, for instance that the wood has been responsibly sourced.

Orange crochet hook

How do you handle plastic in your company?

We do try to avoid plastic wherever possible. However, most suppliers ship their yarns to us in plastic. This is done in the factories to keep yarns dry and clean and is out of our hands. Of course, we do the responsible thing and recycle or re-use. So don’t be surprised if your package is wrapped in (torn) plastic.

Green pin cushion

How sustainable is your packaging?

We aim to re-use and recycle packaging that’s sent to us by suppliers. When this is not an option we use recycled kraft paper to ship your packages in. We use green plant-based bubble wrap and tape. Our flyers and business cards are printed on recycled paper using eco-friendly dyes.

Yellow knitting

Where can I find more information about the brands you sell?

We will be writing in-depth profiles on our blog, stay tuned!

Purple ball of yarn

How quickly do you ship?

We aim to ship within 2 business days.

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When will I get my package?

When we ship your package you will receive a track & trace code via email.

Orange ball of yarn with knitting needles

How can I see if something is in stock?

You can only ever add the amount we have in stock to your basket. For instance, if we have only 8 balls of a particular colour in stock, you can only add 8 balls to your basket.

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If something isn’t in stock can you let me know when it’s back in stock?

Yes, please leave your email address and we will notify you when it’s back in stock!


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Can I pick up my order?

Yes, you can, but by appointment only! We are based in Drenthe in the Netherlands. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Earth Yarns Logo - text Earth yarns around a globe that looks like a ball of yarn with 2 knitting needles stuck in it, surrounded by notions.

How large is your company?

There’s just the 2 of us, a mother-daughter team!

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Are you vegan yourselves?

Yes we are and have been for many years!

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