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The birth of Earth Yarns

A Mother-Daughter Story

Yellow ball of yarn with knitting needles


Over 35 years ago, I was happily pregnant with Jessica.

Out of everything I bought for the baby (quite a lot...) almost nothing was new.

By sanding, painting and washing with lots of love, I made sure the second-hand cradle and clothes were ready in time.

Recycling was something Jessica truly grew up with.


At a very young age, Jessica came up with well-founded arguments to stop eating meat and fish, and I effortlessly went along with that. Even though this was not always received with appreciation by the rest of the family. But that's a different story...

We have been vegans for several years now.

We immersed ourselves in veganism which has made us more aware of our own ecological footprint.

Now, we still regularly give each other tips on how to make this footprint even smaller.

But over the years, our motto has remained: "Life must still be fun"!

A full vegan meal accompanied by a chilled glass of vegan white wine is definitely not absent from our respective households!



A few years ago, my declining health forced me to undergo long periods of rehabilitation.
During that period, I was looking for something to do in addition to intensive physical therapy.

I picked up knitting, which my Grandmother taught me some years prior.
What started as a pastime has now become a true passion. The entire family is warmly dressed…

Knitting is clearly contagious; even Annelies, my mother, has started getting the hang of it!


Annelies & Jessica

A year ago we formed a cosy knitting club with passionate knitters with whom we meet monthly and where we can exchange our creative ideas with each other.  

Sustainable vegan yarn has proven to be very limited and hard to find.

Most shops have only 1 or 2 of these yarns in stock, or none at all.

Partly because of this, the idea for our company, Earth Yarns was born. Sustainable vegan yarn should be easy to find and preferably all in one place.

After a long search, we found yarns that meet our strict requirements. Including yarns that are made from material that would otherwise end up on the rubbish heap.

All these beautiful yarns and accessories have been included in our collection and have of course been tested by us. The collection includes well-known brands but also hand-dyed indie yarns.

All this can now be found in one online shop:                    

Earth Yarns.

We will continue to develop and keep up with the, thankfully, increasingly sustainable times. So our webshop will grow along with this.

We are open to all suggestions!

Annelies and Jessica


Purple ball of yarn
Turquoise safety pin
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